About Mix 105

WRDP Mix 105 is owned and operated by RDP Technical Services.  Mix 105 is a test and demo station for the broadcast services offered by RDP Technical Services.

For the past 12 years we have opened up our Private Stream ink to share the great Christmas music of yesterday and today. We are sharing the joy of Christmas music with everyone.  We feature long-lost favorites as well as the traditional favorites mixed with new contemporary offerings.  Our vast library keeps the mix fresh. Since we are not a commercial radio/internet station the music interruptions are kept to a minimum.

We are your Christmas Music station!

We broadcast from mid-November through Christmas night, and we have been the musical service for several businesses during the Christmas season.


 Holiday Trivia

Christmas wasn't always celebrated on December 25...
It wasn't chosen as the date until the 3rd century. 

Christmas Trees and a Prince?
You can thank German Prince Albert for your Christmas Tree tradition!

Coca Cola & Santa's Suit?
Coca-Cola is actually credited for iconizing Santa's red coat. 

Stockings Hung by Fireplace?
Find out how Holland contributed to this tradition....

Reginald the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
Why was Rudolph almost named Reginald?

Christmas Tragedy!
Christmas sends about 15,000 people to the ER!.